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Spotlight on Sophi Tranchell & Gender Justice

Sophi Tranchell, previously CEO of Divine Chocolate, has authored the complex and absolutely crucial term “Gender Justice.”

Sophi has worked in the cocoa industry for almost 25 years. Over her career, she has made numerous trips to Ghana to connect with the cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo. These farmers not only supply cocoa to Divine, they are co-owners of the company – a pioneering model in the chocolate industry.

Today, Sophi is a social entrepreneur dedicated to producer support and ethical supply chains.

Here is an excerpt from her Glossary definition:

Gender Justice signifies the goal for full equality and equity between women and men in all spheres of life, resulting in women jointly defining and shaping the policies, structures, and decisions that affect their lives and society as a whole”.

To read the whole definition, click here.

Sophi Tranchell herself; courtesy of Sophi Tranchell
Sophi Tranchell with several farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa growers’ cooperative; courtesy of Sophi Tranchell

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