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A general term used to define the combination of chocolate and coffee. Yet, technically Mocha is a beverage describing a hot or iced coffee drink containing chocolate.

The first known use of the word was already in 1773. Traditionally it is a blend of coffee beans originating in Yemen, specifically the port of Al-Makha or Mocha, which was the originating point for the coffees consumed in the Ottoman Empire. The beans had chocolate like flavor notes and the name Mocha has therefore become synonymous with the beverage.

A Bicerin is a layered coffee drink from Turin combining espresso coffee, hot chocolate and milk dating to 1763 and is considered one of the first mocha drinks.

Mocha variations include replacing white chocolate for dark chocolate, or adding caramel, raspberry, and mint flavors. Mochas can be served hot, iced, and frozen.

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Iced Mocha drink with whipped cream and chocolate swirl on top; stock image

Bicerin Grande; stock image

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