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Chocolate, Molded

A chocolate product made using a mold to create a solid chocolate shell, whose shape ranges from regular (such as round or rectangular) to very elaborate forms.

The inside can either be filled (in which case it would be called a filled chocolate), or hollow (such as Easter eggs or chocolate figurines).

Solid regular-shaped chocolate bars can be considered molded chocolate, as the regular shape is achieved via the use of a mold.

Traditionally, the chocolate shell was made with metal molds. Currently, chocolate molds are made from other materials such as polycarbonate, silicone, or plastic.

To make molded chocolate, melted chocolate in crystallized form is poured into the mold. After a short time, the mold is turned upside down to get rid of the excess chocolate. This leaves behind a coating of chocolate on the mold, which forms the chocolate shell when the chocolate turns to solid form.

For filled chocolates, fillings can then be deposited into the shell. Afterwards, a coating of chocolate can be added to the opening side of the shell to finish off the molded chocolate, so the whole piece is covered in chocolate.

For hollow chocolates, the edges of two shells are stuck together to form a complete shape.

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Molded chocolates, image courtesy of Albert Chau, Fifth Dimension Chocolates

Chocolatier and pastry chef Mark Tilling demonstrates how to make molded chocolate with a filling

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Albert Chau, General Manager, Fifth Dimension Chocolates Ltd

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