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Value Chain

A flow of related processes, comprising different actors and activities, each adding value to a product or service as the flow moves downstream.

There are primary actors, secondary actors, and enabling factors that influence the value of the product or service at each stage in the chain.

In cocoa, the primary activities in the value chain are: cocoa farming, post-harvest processing, trading cocoa beans, manufacturing chocolate and cocoa derivatives (including cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and cocoa paste), production of finished consumer products, and the commercialization of those products.

Factors influencing the value and cost distribution across the value chain include:
1) type of downstream use (brand, marketing, performance);
2) government regulation and taxes;
3) type of cocoa, flavor and production methods;
4) evolution of world market prices.

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Marika van Santvoort, CEO and Founder, Pacha Cacao
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Emily Stone, CEO and Founder, Uncommon Cacao
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