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Hybrids in the strict sense are first generation progeny obtained from two true breeding varieties (homozygous) that are genetically identical (homogenous).

In cocoa however, the term hybrid is relaxed to non-identical progeny from a specific cross between two known cocoa varieties with good combining ability.

Strictly speaking, these should be referred to as “synthetic varieties,” as the offsprings are not generally uniform.

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Jacob Marlin, Executive Director, Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education
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Pathmanathan Umaharan, Professor of Genetics and Director, Cocoa Research Centre, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad
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Multivariate genetic divergence and hybrid performance of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.),” Luiz Antonio dos Santos Dias and Paulo Yoshio Kageyama, Brazilian Journal of Genetics, 20(1): March 1997

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