FCIA Fine Chocolate Glossary

Ganache, Water

A smooth and silky emulsion of a non-dairy liquid, most commonly water and dark chocolate, used by pastry chefs and chocolatiers in hand-cut bonbons, truffles and filled chocolates.

Most commonly, the water ganache is prepared with dairy-free dark chocolate, so the finished ganache is also Vegan/Vegan Friendly.

This ganache can be prepared with added sugar or glucose syrup to increase the shelf life of the finished chocolate.

The ganache can be prepared with any non-dairy liquid such as coffee, nut milk, wine, fruit juice, tea and any strong infusion you wish to prepare with herbs, spices and fruits.

The ganache is prepared in the same way cream ganaches are by adding boiled hot water to the chocolate and blending a whisk or emulsion/hand blender to create a stable ganache.

The ganache can be made to be hand cut, piped or hand rolled into truffles.

Water ganache has grown in popularity in the past 15 years following the increase in vegan diets and lactose intolerance. Chocolatiers across the globe have adopted this ganache to increase their vegan offering resulting in increased sales and exposure and increased traction from the vegan and lactose intolerance community.

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Paul A. Young, Chocolatier/Pastry Chef


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