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A chocolate product that contains the same ingredients as a high-quality chocolate bar, but with the following main differences:

(1) finer and smoother texture, which is achieved through grounding of the cocoa solids during the production process; and

(2) higher percentage of cocoa butter to:
a) speed up the melting of the chocolate
b) increase the fluidity of the melted chocolate so that it is easier to temper, and becomes more stable and harder when crystallized.

Therefore, couverture is ideal for both molding and enrobing, as well as covering cakes and pastries. A top class couverture has a balanced taste with an excellent consistency, aroma, and flavor. It also has a good snap or break, with an optimum fineness and sheen, as well as delicate melting properties.

For some couvertures, instead of adding more cocoa butter, a small amount of lecithin (the most common being soy lecithin and sunflower lecithin) may be added to achieve the same improvement in fluidity, but at a lower cost.

In Europe, couverture must contain not less than 35 % total dry cocoa solids, including not less than 31 % cocoa butter and not less than 2.5 % of dry non-fat cocoa solids.

A cocoa fat percentage of 35-38% is considered ideal for enrobing, both hand-dipped and by machine, and 38-40% for molded products, molded chocolates, and larger figures.

There are many couverture variations which include, among others: single-origin and blended dark or milk chocolate couvertures made with top quality cocoa beans; vegan couverture made with alternative milk; alternative sugar or sugar-free couverture; blonde couverture with caramelised sugar and/or caramelised milk powder; cream couverture with a particularly high percentage of milk fat.

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